Sunday, February 20, 2011

Song for Monday

Strangely, for someone who is so pragmatic in everything I do, I am an awful romantic when it comes to living my life that I think everyone should live dangerously at least once and learn about him or herself before trying to emulate the success of others. Yah yah... I know the political correct answer of living your own life blah blah blah. Fact is only a very small percentage of people will succeed in doing that and they will become idols for others to follow. If you have never been in a fight, how much can you know about yourself right? Anyway I am starting to blabber - go live your life, however way you want it.



  1. My wife, after reading this post, mentioned to me...

    When treating terminal illness, many old school doctors will recommend the best medical solutions to prolong a patient's life and "well being". On the other hand, some newer ones are starting to preach about the "quality of life" instead.

    If you can't make the connection between what she said and my post, I don't blame ya. That's why I married her! ;)

  2. You have a wise significant other. Don't let go of her hand :)

    It's not about "existence", but have we "lived"!?

  3. Hey SMoL!

    Sorry for this late late late reply. As you can see, I had neglected my blog for a while. New job, new responsibilities and every. No excuse!

    Anyway, yeah, I'm never gonna let go of her hand. ;)