Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Racism Disgusts Me

It had became increasingly difficult to read forums and discussion groups in Singapore without some encountering some kind of passive racism or just outright bias against certain groups of people. Most tread a thin line where religions are never to be touched but you will likely see or hear derogatory references to ancestry, country of origin, skin color or even choice of food!

If it is the policy that you are against, fight the policy on a political platform. Aggression, by any means, just show how ignorant you are.

Let it be known that any form of racism disgusts me. I tend to shut that person off entirely if it is someone I just met or my opinion of the person gets a very big discount even if it is a long time friend. If you had experienced outright racism like I did, you will know how ugly and vulgar the whole affair is.


  1. I am ashamed. Although it's not racism, I should have stood up like you to defend the individual when others were mocking him - just because he is "different". Although it's all in good natured fun, the fine-line between joking and bullying can be crossed.

  2. Hi SMOL,

    I am sure it is never too late to stand up to things like this. Actually, the tragedy in Norway got me to writing this. I felt that if we have the wisdom to know what is wrong, we should also have the courage to stop it from happening starting with ourselves. :)