Thursday, August 25, 2011

Names of Spices

Needed to get some seeds for my bread and could not find them in Cold Storage/The Marketplace or NTUC. Searched around and found some expat housewives going to a natural food store on Dempsey Hill to buy them and was planning to make such a trip myself when I decided to pop into the small little shop that sells salted vegetables in the wet market near my home. JACKPOT! You just need to know the right names to get them easily...

1. fennel seeds - 大茴香 (da4 hui2 xiang1)
2. cumin seeds - 小茴香 (xiao3 hui2 xiang1) or 滋然 (zi1 ran2)
3. millet - 小黄米 (xiao3 huang2 mi3) or 粟 (su4)
4. cloves - 丁香 (ding1 xiang1)

More coming as I use them...


  1. Great Patty!

    Do post the chinese terms as I am in my chinese renaissance phase. I want to improve my chinese.

    So ashamed... I am always stuck when I need to say vegetables in Chinese when I was in Shanghai. Especially when do marketing - the stall-holders must be thinking this "fake" westerner is here again... Ouch!

    大米 is rice, but in Shanghai, they call millet as 小米 which threw me off until I ordered a bowl of "yellow" porridge. I think I pissed-off my host when I said this looks like the grains we use to feed birds in Singapore. LOL!

  2. lol I didn't know the Shanghainese ate coarse food (粗粮) like these. but millet makes very good 窝窝头. i really like the sweet corn-like fragrance.