Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Ode to the Weirdoes

A really long time ago (actually, it is only a bit over 5 years), I started on my so-called investment journey. I had a bit of money saved up between my wife and I. "Prime" was a supermarket chain near my house while subprime, on the other hand, is a pretty alien term. Benjamin Graham was some posh geezer's name. FA still stood for Football Association. TA was a way some Brits say "Bye".

Then I met this really nice group of people who gave me lots well meaning advice. They came from all walks of life and of all ages. Some of them even welcomed me into their homes and lives. Then things got a lot more interesting. I knew what was C and what HBC meant. I understood the impact of HeliBenny. An Elder entered my life. A stab at the crashing stock of a local bank got me some much needed RenovAid of my own. I even dabbled in derivatives barely a year after I sold my first profitable stock. I was told it is better to be lucky than right. I am thankful to be both and that bit of money saved up? It kinda tripled. Tripling was no big deal when your entry is after the Lehmans' exit and hardly qualifies as multi-baggers. No, I ain't complaining. In fact, I was very lucky indeed. 

People come, people go. Some grow young and well... for whatever reasons, some grow cold. Due to differences in methodologies or beliefs but I guess mostly life itself. Luckily, a core group of those nice people I met became really close friends. The closest I could ever have in my life. And the fact that we came from all walks of life, lived in all corners of the island (literally) and have pretty varied ages and background meant we became acquaintances, and subsequently friends without the usual social baggage. And for reason still unknown, we saw ourselves as weirdoes. 

People who would never have known one another in normal circumstances made it a point to have family-level parties and new year dinners religiously. Amazing. We could expect support whenever and wherever support is needed. We could air our complaints with listening ears at-the-ready. And when any of us needed advice, it was given without reservations or judgement. Sometimes it manifested as a light scolding, other times as a friendly jab. But always, always, it was given at no cost and yet with the best after-sales support money can't buy.

So here's one to you boys and girls. You know who you are. You kids make me proud. Thanks for everything!

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  1. Hey! Someone is in a good mood :)

    Life is great when we have wine, women, and song.

    Opps! I think you are married. Plan B!

    Life is great when we have family, friends, and health!