Friday, September 27, 2013

Homecooks Rejoice! CHEF Catalog Offers Free Delivery! (Until 31st October 2013)

Good crockery and cooking utensils do not come cheap. Some brands offer excellent conductivity of heat like All-Clad, others preserve the taste of the food by covering the core layer of steel/iron with enamel like Le Creuset. Hence, they are usually very expensive and some are very heavy as well.

Last year, after spending 2 years learning how to cook, I decided to take the plunge by investing in a 20 piece cookware set by Le Creuset. I did a lot of study and shopping around to conclude that CHEF Catalog had the best offer - of around SGD$900. Ok, I am hearing gasps and screams of "atas" and "rich"... I can assure you it's not - they cost at least 4-50% more if bought here during sales (and if you can get all the items), perhaps 100% more if bought outside of sales period. Also, they offer lifetime warranty and are usually passed down the generations like family heirloom due to their excellent build and quality.

Anyway, on top of the 20pc set, I added a 6qt dutch oven and the total weight was in excess of 20kg. The delivery fees? $450 bukaroos. It was still cheaper than getting it locally but the discount had shrunk to just 15%.

This year, VISA came up with a partnership with 8 US retailers to organize an online event call Borderfree US Shopping Promotion and CHEF Catalog is one of the US retailers! If you had been thinking of buying crockery from US but had been put off by the hefty delivery charges, now is the time to do it! All you have to do is pay with a VISA credit card and make purchases of SGD$130 or more with the same retailer. I tested and it definitely worked - I just bought a new enamel-over-cast-iron cocotte (cost over $350 here) and a pizza stone today and they are sending it over with free shipping! My total savings? Over 25% not including delivery!

A word of caution though - electrical outlets are rated at 110V in the US while it is 230V here in Singapore. If you buy electrical products from US, you will need a step-down transformer in order to be used here which can be a hassle and potentially dangerous if you know nothing about electrical currents. 

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